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  LichCraft 2 updated -- 27/2/06  

Okay okay, here's an update. It should fix the uber-health respawning NPC's bug, amongst other things. Find it on the downloads page

  LichCraft 2 launched! -- 16/10/05  

Finally, LichCraft 2 is released! You can find it on the downloads page. Now I'm off to collapse in an exhausted heap...

  Economy Lists Version 1.1 -- 29/5/05  

New version of my economy fixes mod (whcih features much-needed changes to MW's levelled item lists) now contains esp's for compatability with MWA and kai globes. Download it here

  New Site Relaunch -- 15/5/05  

Ok, so things have been a little slow here for a while. Quite a while. A very long while indeed, actually. But that's set to change. After some serious setbacks and much inactivity, LichCraft is back in development and progressing well. To mark the occasion, I've given the site a bit of an overhaul. It's not quite finished yet, so expect to see a few more changes in the future too. Additionally, I will very shortly be inviting a select number of people to assist in the testing and development of LichCraft, after which there will eventually be a public release. If you have applied to test and you haven't heard anything from me yet, please contact me again. Keep your eyes out for more info soon...

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