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Dare you sacrifice your very being for the chance to become something far greater than before?

"To be a Lich is to be unbounded by mortal thoughts or feelings, unrestrained by their pitifully short lifespans and undevelpoed minds. To be a Lich is to be in touch with magicka itself, and pursue the knowledge of the existence of this world to its very ends. I have forgotten far greater secrets than mere mortals would ever learn, and yet I want more. Many pursue the great knowledge of this unholy power, but few will ever find it. Fewer still are capable of following that knowledge to its glorious conclusion, as I have done. Yet here and now I shall transcribe that great secret, for reasons I dare not yet explain...."

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A forgotten book in the Secret Library of Vivec leads the player to a series of tasks which must be completed in order to perform The Ritual Of Becoming

Here are some of the features you experience as a Lich:

  • Many immunities and resistances to diseases and magicka.
  • Penalties to physical attributes, but level-based bonuses to magicka related skills and abilities. No longer will your mage character find their spellcasting potential 'maxed out' at the fifteenth level.
  • Ability to digsuise your true form for short peroids of time, allowing you to mingle with society and continue playing the ordinary Morrowind quests. But do be careful to maintain the illusion...
  • Create your own incredibly powerful spells and enchantments by harnessing the power of the Lich.
  • Retreat to your Phylactery when mortally wounded... safe to recover and fight another day.
  • Perform power rituals to advance in any of the three Lich avenues - Necromancy, Sorcery, and Psionics
  • Experience any of thirty unique powers in these avenues
  • Possess new host corpses to replace your own, and take on their physical attributes
  • Raise over 20 different types of undead followers to do your bidding
  • A Spoiler skull is now to be found in the Census and Exise in Seyda neen for those who are truly stuck.
  • Permenant physical damage every time you die... the curse of Lichdom
  • Many more suprises for the more inquisitive types :)

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